January 6, 2016

What Makes a Great Criminal Defense Attorney?

by Silva

I love representing my clients–and as a criminal defense attorney, I have many obligations to my clients:  Honesty, trust, communication and experience.  image002

Here are two recent posts about our firm:

“Ms. Silva is Wonderful!

Without sharing too many details as why we needed Ms. Silva’s services in the first place, I want to tell you how wonderful she has been. Our son was facing multiple offenses and she was able to get us the best deal possible. Ms. Silva is very knowledgeable and educated in the juvenile court system. She was protective and caring towards our son’s needs. Ms. Silva spoke to our son in a firm, yet nurturing way. Ms. Silva always made sure we all understood all legalities every step of the way. She was wonderful.”

…And here is another:

“I could not have asked for more or gotten better service.

Silva represented me on a criminal matter. She was always available and willing to talk about the issues anytime. I do not believe I could have received better representation. My case was resolved to my complete satisfaction. obviously there are no guarantees, but I almost felt like I was her only client. I cannot say anything but positive things.”

(Names withheld for privacy issues).

I often get asked what makes a great criminal defense attorney. The answer to me is simple. There are two key components to a great criminal defense attorney:
1) Your attorney should have experience.
I started my career in one of the most challenging and rewarding places–The Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office. It was the most challenging because I had hundreds of open cases and clients. I got experience in virtually every aspect of criminal law. From the mundane, like driving without a license citations, to the most serious strike cases, nothing ever seemed to shock me. I loved my job and I loved my clients. What I realized was the importance of keeping up with the laws, and keeping my clients informed and armed with a defense.  Knowing Judges and District Attorneys is an important aspect as well, along with having a great reputation in the legal community.

The next part of what makes a great criminal defense attorney is:
2) Keeping an open line of communication with clients. My clients trust me, they know I have years of experience and fantastic results. They also know that I return all calls and texts, and talk to them openly about all pleas, all defenses and all possible consequences in every aspect of their case. There is a great bond that develops between an attorney and a client. When one is arrested, there is an innate fear of the unknown, it takes an attorney who understands the system, is willing to fight and LISTEN to the needs of the person.  Confidentiality is also important, everything said to a defense attorney is confidential between the attorney and the client, solely.  It is one of the most important bonds recognized in the legal system.

From high profile individuals, to the average person who gets in trouble, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and importance. Hire an attorney you trust, who respects you and who talks to you openly and honestly about your case.

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