June 15, 2016

Top 10 Online Resources for Legal Services

by Silva

legal law rules community justice social gathering conceptWhether it be forming an LLC, incorporating your business, or filing for bankruptcy, legal services tend to be a costly and time-consuming affair. There are tons of lawyers and legal aides out there, but finding a good one is an altogether different matter.

Here are our top 10 picks of online legal services that will make the whole process as painless as possible, at a price you can afford:


LegalZoom is one of the oldest online providers of legal services, having been around for over 15 years now. Whether it’s business formation, creating a will, intellectual property-related, or just general legal advice, LegalZoom has it all. They are very well-regarded in the industry, and have an easy-to-navigate website, making your experience with them all the simpler.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a great option if your legal needs require ongoing support and counsel. They offer multiple membership levels at various price points, with services for both personal and business matters. Whether you need an attorney on a regular basis or just need a document looked over by a professional, Rocket Lawyer is an excellent resource.

US Legal

US Legal is a terrific starting point if you are looking for free legal resources. They have free articles and documents available for almost every legal topic, whether it be Adoption, Arbitration, Divorce or Incorporation. They even have a free legal dictionary – which is very useful for navigating the often confusing legal jargon.


CorpNet is an online legal services provider primarily tailored for businesses, although they do have some resources relevant to consumers as well. If you are looking for legal specialists for your new or existing business, CorpNet is the way to go. Their customer service is excellent and their prices are extremely competitive.

Presto Experts

Presto Experts excels in their ability to offer professional counsel for virtually every form of law. Whether you are seeking business, corporate, technology, education or personal legal services, Presto Experts has a specialist in the field you need help with. No longer will you have to worry about not having an attorney that specializes in your specific legal issue.

Legal Shield

Legal Shield is another great choice for all-around legal services. They offer counsel for small businesses, incorporation, auto insurance, as well as personal legal matters. They also offer multiple monthly plans which includes legal advice and counsel, letter and phone correspondence on your behalf, document review, as well as trial defense.


We The People USA

When your legal matter doesn’t require a full-on attorney, but you’d still like some help with properly filing a legal document, We The People is the way to go. They offer document preparation for just about every situation, including Bankruptcy, Power of Attorney, Divorce, and creating a Will. Usually a much cheaper option than having to hire an attorney.


SmartLegalForms is another great option if you are just looking for help with legal document preparation, rather than hiring an attorney. They have affordable pricing for just about every common legal document you may need prepared, such as a Marital Separation Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement, or even preparing an Employee Handbook for your business.

Public Legal

Despite the less-than-appealing site design, PublicLegal is a must-know resource for legal information. They have listings and directories for just about every form of legal practice, a listing of the 350 largest law firms in the US, academic legal info and more. Their form search feature even includes 2,000+ of the most common legal forms – all available for free.


When looking for standard forms of the most common legal documents, FindLegalForms is a terrific choice. Their easy-to-use search and clean layout will make it painless to find exactly the type of form you need, at a very affordable price. All of their forms are attorney-prepared, and guaranteed to be valid in your state.

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