Juvenile Defense


California Juvenile Law Attorneys

In California, crimes committed by children under the age of 18 are handled in the juvenile court system.  The juvenile system operates very differently from adult court, thus it is imperative that an attorney handling a child’s criminal case has the expertise to handle this very delicate area of law.

 At the Law Office of Silva L. Megerditchian, we not only understand the stress and emotions of having a child have to face the prosecutorial arm of the government at such a young age, but also understand and have experience in all aspects of juvenile law.  We have experience representing hundreds of children and understand the importance of keeping criminal records sealed and clean for the successful future of your child and for immigration consequences as well.  Our knowledge and expertise includes:

 All aspects of representing juveniles charged with any crime:  From simple truancy, to vandalism, battery, petty theft, burglary, DUI, possession and sales of drugs to the most serious of offenses, sexual battery, rape, attempted murder, murder and arson–Our goal is to protect juveniles from a criminal record and keep that child with their parents.

 School suspensions and expulsions: California has been taking simple matters that used to be resolved through school suspensions and expulsions and now prosecuting them through the juvenile court system.  It is important to realize that seemingly minor school related problems can be an indicator of greater legal issues that should be addressed early BEFORE a criminal action is filed.

 Fitness Hearings and being tried as an adult:  For certain crimes, there is a possibility that your child can be tried in adult court, meaning that he or she is subject to adult punishment. Therefore it is critical that your child has an experienced defense attorney who understands both the adult and juvenile systems.  Here at The Law Office Williams & Megerditchian, we have direct experience with arguing Fitness Hearings and defending children who are thrusted in the very adult world of state adult prosecution.

 Experience with a kind hand in dealing with the most vulnerable and scared clients.  We take time to know your family’s dynamic and your child’s needs to make sure you child’s future is bright and prosperous.