What To Do When Your Child Is Bullied

What To Do When Your Child is Bullied I was recently contacted by a parent whose child was being bullied and threatened in school. She needed help and guidance. To say she was concerned is an understatement. When she had contacted me, she found out her son, who is not allowed on social media, had […]

What Parents Should Know if Their Child is Arrested

The following is a step by step guide to help parents when their child is arrested. This is part 1 of a multi part series. ___ The phone call from the police alone can make any parent scared beyond words: your child has been arrested. 1) Calll an attorney skilled in Juvenile defense. An attorney […]

Let the children know…Never Talk To Cops if Arrested

You must be 18 to vote… You must be 21 to drink… 18 to serve in the military… BUT, did you know, police may talk to your child if they are under suspicion for committing an offense, AND YOU as the parent HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE PRESENT. It’s amazing, when it comes to juvenile […]