What To Do When Your Child Is Bullied

What To Do When Your Child is Bullied I was recently contacted by a parent whose child was being bullied and threatened in school. She needed help and guidance. To say she was concerned is an understatement. When she had contacted me, she found out her son, who is not allowed on social media, had […]

What Parents Should Know if Their Child is Arrested

The following is a step by step guide to help parents when their child is arrested. This is part 1 of a multi part series. ___ The phone call from the police alone can make any parent scared beyond words: your child has been arrested. 1) Calll an attorney skilled in Juvenile defense. An attorney […]

Let the children know…Never Talk To Cops if Arrested

You must be 18 to vote… You must be 21 to drink… 18 to serve in the military… BUT, did you know, police may talk to your child if they are under suspicion for committing an offense, AND YOU as the parent HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE PRESENT. It’s amazing, when it comes to juvenile […]

Top 10 Online Resources for Legal Services

Whether it be forming an LLC, incorporating your business, or filing for bankruptcy, legal services tend to be a costly and time-consuming affair. There are tons of lawyers and legal aides out there, but finding a good one is an altogether different matter. Here are our top 10 picks of online legal services that will […]

A New and Much Needed Perspective in Defending the Mentally Ill

As a criminal defense attorney, I fight hard for my clients.  One question I am often asked is, “how can you defend those people.”  I always appreciate the question—the truth is my clients are wonderful, law abiding citizens…some are absolutely innocent and never thought they would have ever needed a criminal defense attorney.  Others, make […]

What Makes a Great Criminal Defense Attorney?

I love representing my clients–and as a criminal defense attorney, I have many obligations to my clients:  Honesty, trust, communication and experience.   Here are two recent posts about our firm: “Ms. Silva is Wonderful! Without sharing too many details as why we needed Ms. Silva’s services in the first place, I want to tell […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My child has been arrested how can I make sure their record remains clean? It is always difficult to watch a child suffer, and having your child arrested is not any easier. The system considers anyone under the age of 18 as a child. Children are not held in jail–but held in juvenile hall. […]

I Got a DUI, WHAT NOW?!?

For anyone who gets a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), the prospect of a criminal record for drunk driving seems like a nightmare.  The fact of the matter is that a DUI arrest does not discriminate.  Doctors, lawyers, actors, actresses, nurses, teachers and yes even police themselves can and do get arrested for DUI.  The […]

Right To Remain Silent…Anything You Say…WILL MAKE IT WORSE!

I will never forget defending a client who was arrested for a drug charge.  The client was properly Mirandized by the officer who arrested him.  My client was an intelligent man…he was kind, educated and a hard worker.  He was a recreational drug user who understood his rights and the importance of his rights.  What […]

Do I Need A Lawyer?

You are driving, exhausted after a long day at work going home to your waiting family.   You had a couple of beers after work with your coworkers to take the edge off and felt the effects of the alcohol but not to the point you thought you shouldn’t drive. As you are driving home, you […]