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About Silva Megerditchian

Silva Megerditchian is an experienced and skilled attorney who formed and manages the Law Office of Silva L. Megerditchian.  With over ten years of criminal law experience, Silva has handled thousands of cases from ticket infractions to misdemeanors and felonies.  Her hard work and determination helped her become a powerhouse in the criminal defense world.

Working for The County of Los Angeles

Prior to founding the firm, Silva  was a civil servant representing indigent clients who could not afford an attorney.  She served the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office for over 7 years and represented thousands of clients in virtually every aspect of criminal and juvenile law–from infractions to misdemeanors and felonies.  Silva won recognition for her tireless representation of minors and won many cases for children who were thrusted into a criminal justice system they were fearful of–getting their cases dismissed and their records clean.  She has won countless cases and earned hundreds of dismissals for her juvenile and adult clients alike.  She joined the Public Defenders’ Office because she believes in the right of all people, regardless of income, to have the best representation possible when confronted with criminal charges.  She loved and respected her clients, but wanted to create her own legacy by starting her own law firm.
Prior to entering the Public Defender’s Office, Silva worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, where she clerked and assisted in prosecuting countless criminal offenses, including high profile white collar crime cases. She handled various types of hearings in virtually every aspect of criminal law.  It was this experience working with the LA District Attorney’s office where she realized the importance of representing those charged in the criminal justice system.   Understanding their stories and trying to protect people from the overreaching and overwhelming power of the government and police.  Her passion in protecting her clients has always fueled her success.

Law School

Silva graduated from Southwestern Law School in 2007.  She balanced a career as a prominent radio producer while chasing her dream of becoming a lawyer.  While in law school, Silva also excelled in the prestigious Moot Court program where she competed in advocacy competitions all over the United States.   She continues to mentor youth in their quest to become successful advocates and trial attorneys by donating her time and knowledge to the program.

The Early Years

Prior to her successful law career, Silva was a prominent Producer for a nationally syndicated radio talk show.  She won praise and accolades for her work and achievements as a producer, and dealt with many aspects of the entertainment and political worlds.  Silva worked with high profile celebrities and elite political players.  A dynamic individual, Silva not only excelled in a male driven environment, but managed to balance her demanding work schedule with an equally demanding law school curriculum.  From being an on-air commentator to a behind the scenes producer and manager, Silva had made herself a reputation of a hard worker with a keen ability to make last minute decisions that benefited the program, with high ratings and countless advertisers.

Personal Life

Silva was born in New Rochelle, New York and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  She has an international background and is fluent in the Armenian language and conversational Spanish.  Her parents were immigrants and hard working: they taught her the importance of working hard and striving for the American Dream.
In addition to her law practice, Silva is a skilled violinist and passionate about athletics.  She was a certified personal trainer for years.
Silva’s goals are simple: to provide her clients personal and warm representation during their darkest hours; and to provide her clients the best legal defense while protecting them from the overwhelming prosecutorial arm of the government.

“I provide my clients with support, dedication and knowledge in criminal defense matters.   I am there in their darkest hours when they face the possibility of losing their freedom, family and assets.  With personal one on one support, skill and experience I fight for our clients’ freedom.”